All about Award Plaques in Nigeria



It is a commonly known fact that awards really help to boost morale. It’s always great to be appreciated and at the same time, it is fulfilling to receive an award. The most common form of awards are trophies and plaques; but because people use the two more frequently than the other forms of awards, trophies and plaques are commonly interchanged.


A plaque is usually a plate made out of metal, ceramic, stone, wood, etc. that bears text. The word “plaque” originated from a word that means ornamental plate or tablet, thus its appearance. A plaque is commonly used in corporate settings, formal occasions and events. It is given to organisations or members of the organisations, companies and volunteers. This award is a tangible sign of showing credit to the person or group who have accomplished a certain duty beyond expectation. Employees go to their respective workplaces everyday because of compensation but getting a good wage doesn’t necessarily contribute to their productivity. Company managers, who understand that their employees deserve to be recognised, motivate their people to work harder and deliver satisfying outputs.


A trophy is probably the most common form of award. During the early times, a trophy was a cup-shaped award that was given to certain sports players who contributed to their team’s outstanding performance. The cup can be made out of gold, silver or any other metal. Just like plaques, trophies can now be made out of crystal, metal, wood and other materials that can be shaped into something relevant to a certain sporting event. Most trophies are used in sporting events. Trophies that are commonly presented are basketball trophies, golf trophies, volleyball trophies, etc. A trophy serves as a predetermined goal for a player or a team. They work as a reason for the team to develop teamwork, leading them to achieve the final goal. On the other hand, a single player sees a trophy as a distinctive goal that will separate him or her from the rest of the players. Read about the difference between acrylic and crystal plaques


Many organisations do not see that an award is an investment. Awards make people feel appreciated and when people feel appreciated, they remain loyal. To make a person feel recognized, appreciated, cared for and worthy, give them an award — an award is the most inexpensive yet effective way of reinforcement. Trophies and plaques should be made out of the best quality materials because most people take pride in their awards and display them in their homes for everyone to see. We make award plaques in Nigeria



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